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The Center for Market Research & Analytics

Provide with objective information for development of your business

We have more 6 years experience of market research in Turkmenistan!

Information is necessary to make the right management decisions. Market information is necessary to determine the correct strategy, tactics, and the individual steps in the marketing policy of the company.

We invite your company to cooperate in conducting market research in Turkmenistan and beyond. You can always rely on the quality of our work, be sure in complying by our company principles of business ethics and generally recognized standards for the implementation of research projects.

Daniil Maykovskiy

The Head of The Center for Market Research & Analytics

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The Center for Market Research & Analytics (CeMaRA)
has been created in 2008 (with assistance of SIAR research&consulting) as the division of MCT Agency for conduct projects on studying Turkmenistans markets.

MCT Agency is the leading company in the field of market research in Turkmenistan. The head of CeMaRA is first and only one member of ESOMAR in Turkmenistan. At present time we successfully conducted more than 85 research projects.

Areas of our competences:


Our customers
both leading international brands and local companies:

Tetra Pak Coca-Cola PepsiCo
Kraft Foods Gefest British American Tobacco Turkmenistan

Some of the projects we have implemented in partnership with highly professional research agencies from other countries.

Our team
(office in Ashgabad):





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