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Welcome to cooperate in conducting market research in Turkmenistan and beyond. You can always rely on the quality of our work, be sure in complying by our company principles of business ethics and generally recognized standards for the implementation of research projects.

Daniil Maykovskiy

The Head of The Center for Market Research & Analytics

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The Center for Market Research & Analytics

Provide with objective information for development of your business

We offer carrying out of research of the market/segments of the market of Turkmenistan for success of your business.

Research is realized in the project format. Parameters of each project (such as: the timing of the project, the geography of the study, the project team, the methods of data collection, methods of analysis, research toolkit, content of report, and presentation of data, the cost of the study) are individual and are formed depending on needs of the customer. To get further information please contact us.

We will implement research project for you to achieve one of the following purposes:

  • Identification of consumers habits / patterns of consumption
  • Research of competitors/ competitive analysis
  • Identification of retailing sales and dynamics of sales
  • Identification of the proposed range of retail products and prices
  • Research on brands / consumer attitude to brands
  • Identification of preferences of consumers regarding product and the method of packing
  • Monitoring the compliance of the activity of a partner-distributor with the established requirements
  • Researching customers attitude to a new products
  • Identification marketing viability of a new product
  • Determination of marketing information to form a business plan
  • Research the status and trends in the market, forecasts and recommendations
  • Monitoring mass media to discover information about the brand / company / marketing event / commercial facilities
  • Monitoring of the compliance of the activity of sales personnel in accordance with customer service standards

In other side our Agency will solve for you completely unique market research . Order the market research.


Addishionally we conduct:

  • Field research works
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Macroeconomic researches
  • Sociological researches

Depending on the purposes of research we use following methods of data collection :

  • Face-to-face interview
  • Deep interview
  • Expert's interview
  • Telephone polls
  • Focus-group
  • In-home visits
  • Consumer Product Test
  • Blind Test
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Store Check
  • Retail Census
  • Retail Audit
  • and other...

We have an experience of researches in the markets:

  • Foods & bevereges
  • Tobacco products
  • Financial services
  • Telecom and Hi-Tech
  • Media market
  • Cars and auto goods
  • Industry
  • Packaging of industrial products

Areas of research:

  • Ashgabad
  • All regions of Turkmenistan, cities and countryside are accessible to us
  • Central Asia and Caspian Area.

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